Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Thorry, I hath a thickg. I hath to bwowl my nothd.

Sorry for the hiatus.  I've been sick. Not slightly sniffly sick either. But, omg-did-I-just-cough-that-up sick. It's like a very bad impression of a cat horking up a furball.  Or something. 

Since this past weekend was Mother's Day, The Lovely Spouse had Dutiful Son duties up in Dallas.  But he returned with Tacos of The Gods. 

The pict's not the best. After all it was transported over the course of a 3 hour drive.

The place is called 24/7 Tacos and is located near the intersection of South Garland Road and Miller in Garland, TX.  It's near the house of one of his family members so it's super convenient when he's (or we're) up there. I don't have any interior picts as I didn't join him on this trip, for obvious reasons.

If you go, expect no ambiance. It's located next door to the day labor center, in a gas station.  Order at the front counter. $5 gets you three tacos of your choice, rice, beans, and condiments.  I like that they have grilled jalapenos in the condiments. Super hot, but delicous with the beans. They also have red and green salsa, cilantro, onions, limes and others condiments. I usually get the barbacoa (expect it to be greasy because it's face meat), chicken and beef.  As far as I remember all are served on corn tortillas. I don't remember if flour ones are available or not.

I probably won't be posting much for the rest of this week. This illness isn't easing up as I'd hoped it would so I haven't been much in the mood for eating anything special or eating out. Generally The Lovely Spouse has been bringing me soup. I love the potato cheese soup from Cotton Patch Cafe as well as the hot and sour soup from T. Jin's China Diner.


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  2. I was going to say thanks for reminding me of the great Tex-Mex food I used to eat in Corpus Christi...but I can't get past the WTF reaction I'm having to this comment above. Seriously? I don't even know what to say. How fucked up is your life that you have to take time out of your day and attack a complete stranger?

    1. I deleted it. I don't understand trolls. Sorry for leaving it up so long. I've been sick and haven't been watching this blog as closely as I should have been.

      NayNay, thanks for the lovely comment. The TexMex down here really is awesome. :-)