Thursday, May 31, 2012

Harvey Washbangers

Image source.  Because I forgot to take an exterior photo.

If you all haven't been to Harvey Washbangers, located on Texas Avenue near the College Station HEB, you should check them out.  They've got a whole new menu.  In addition they've changed their beer selections and will soon be carrying growlers.  So, they'll be the first place in the area where you can go and take home some darned good beer, including New Republic beers. Awesome.

New menus!  This is just the front side.

As I said above the entire menu has been reworked.  Gone are the release form wings and frozen foods.  Everything is better quality.  They still have wings and other pub food.  And they still have the Banger Burger, but now they also have it with cream cheese and jalapenos.  So The Lovely Spouse and I ordered one of each.

The Banger Burger with cheese. Nom!

The Banger Burger with cream cheese and jalapenos. Double Nom!

If you look at the bar you'll notice something "missing": the hard liquors.  That's because with Texas law you can't serve hard liquors and have growlers available.  Harvey's will be the first place in B/CS to have these available, in addition to carrying fantastic craft beer from around the state.

Last week was Craft Beer Week and it killed me to see the facebook status updates from both Harvey Washbangers and O'Bannon's Pub because I was home all week with The Sick. This just shows the new philosophy of the restaurant is dedication not just to improving the food but also dedication to providing top quality beer to the growing population of craft beer fans.  Their selections change week to week to reflect this. And as far as the growlers go, it's about time someone here offered them. Yay!

They also have a beer club.  Drink 8 drafts and 8 bottles (only 3 per visit, selections change regularly) and get a gift certificate, in addition to trying out some great Texas-made beer.

They also have wine available for the non-beer drinkers. And they have the basics, Bud, Bud Lite, etc, for beer drinkers who aren't into the whole craft beer thing.  And, of course, they have a full selection of soft drinks for those who don't imbibe.

The Lovely Spouse also ordered dessert:

This is a strawberry lemonade pie.  It's a light ice box pie that's very refreshing.  If I had more of an appetite after eating the burger I'd probably get a piece as well.

Will we return?  Of course!  The beer was good, the food was good, and the prices were very reasonable.  And every so often we have large laundry that needs to be washed that won't fit in our washing machine.  Oh yea!  Harvey Washbangers is also a laundromat with very reasonable rates.  They also have oversized washers and driers available.

Note: growlers are not yet available.  They've been given permission to sell and refill them, but the actual growlers have not yet arrived from the distributer.  They're expecting them any day. 

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