Thursday, May 3, 2012

Chef Tai's Mobile Bistro

I've been meaning to post on the local food trucks in Bryan/College Station for quite some time.  A review of Madden's Mobile will come later, after I get another chance to try them out. 

 Chef Tai's Mobile Bistro at Blinn College in Bryan

Chef Tai's Mobile Bistro can be found all over Bryan and College Station.  Go to their website, twitter feed, facebook, or G+ page to find out what the specials of the day are and where they'll be serving.  Excellent use of social media, by the way.  Lunch is typically 11:30 am - 1:30 pm or until they run out of food. And, yes, they typically run out of the popular items fast. Dinner is also sometimes served, so check out the feeds or website for up-to-date information.  It's also worth mentioning that Chef Tai won the Food Network America's Favorite Food Truck contest.  He's hoping to be on Season 3 of the Great Food Truck Race.  Good luck to him, although I'll miss the truck while it's away on location.

The food truck has a standard menu in addition to specials.  Specials are often based upon special items off the Veritas menu. Chef Tai Lee is also the executive chef at Veritas and offers lower cost versions of many of the same menu items.  As someone on a budget I greatly appreciate this.

Usually I go for the pulled pork or short rib tacos, but today The Lovely Spouse and I both had specials.  In fact it as a particular special that brought the food truck to my attention today: soft crabs direct from The Chesapeake Bay. Yes, please!

That's kirin beer batter and deep fried on a bed of bacon cole slaw on an artisanal bun. I could eat about 5 more of them. Not because it wasn't filling, but because it was that awesome. And, fwiw, I had one of the last two available during the lunch run.  Soooooo good.

The Lovely Spouse had the Vera Cruz Burger. There's a slab of goat cheese and fried onions in there. On top of a fruit pico de gallo.  He enjoyed it. Then went back for some tacos and fried onions. He's got a very healthy appetite.

 Will I be back?  Of course!  The food is consistently delicious. When they don't have a special that interests me those pulled pork and short rib tacos are excellent.

Additional Notes: regular menu tacos can be ordered individually for $3 a piece or in sets of 3 for $8.  Specials are usually around $8-10.  Sodas and water are also available. They put cilantro on almost everything but will omit it if asked when the order is placed.  They also have gluten free bread and menu items on request.  Major credit and debit cards are accepted.  


  1. Trucks in Bryan/College Station? Whoa!

    1. Oh yea! Pete Madden (of Madden's Casual Gourmet in Bryan) also has one, as does a bakery called Cake Junkie. I need to visit the others to take picts before I post on them here. :-)

      And of course there are still the snowcone and taco trucks. There was a hot dog truck in Welborn but I haven't heard anything about them in about 2 years, so I don't know of they're still around.