This blog focuses mostly on dining out, but I occasionally add recipes as well.

Beef Madras Chili. A combination of a flavorful Madras-style curry and comforting Texas-style chili. Substitute ground lamb, goat, or turkey if you don't eat beef.

Black Eyed Peas. Black eyed peas tend to be somewhat bland. This recipe uses roasted peppers and ham to add a lot of flavor. The recipe is absolutely delicious as leftovers and any time of year.

Gruyere Gougeres.  The name means little cabbages.  These are cheese puffs made with aged Gruyere cheese. Absolutely delicious straight from the oven, it's nearly impossible to keep these around long enough to worry about long term storage.

Hatch Chile Mashed Potatoes.  The Lovely Spouse's recipe includes Hatch Chiles to kick a lovely mashed potato recipe up a few notches.

Key Lime Vodka Tonic. No, I didn't win the Tito's recipe contest. However this no-measure version of a vodka tonic is crisp and refreshing.  Use any vodka you like (or skip it altogether for an alcohol free version). I prefer to use diet tonic because it's less sticky and more refreshing, in my opinion.

Smoky Chipotle Hummus. Chipotle peppers in adobo sauce add a smoky kick to an adapted hummus recipe that includes an unexpected ingredient. Pairs beautifully with veggies or as a schmear on bread or toast. This is a great way to encourage someone to add more veggies to their diet.

Yemista, or Greek stuff tomatoes and peppers. This version is vegetarian, but they can be made with ground meat.

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