A foodie blog in Bryan and College Station, Texas?

Believe it or not, Bryan and College Station, or B/CS as the locals call them, have a darned good food scene.  It's in the up and coming phase with lots of new restaurants coming every year.  There are those that just don't do well, which is unfortunate, but for the most part B/CS has proven to be a laboratory for entrepreneur chefs and restaurant owners. The locals are enthusiastic for great food and welcoming toward new culinary ideas.

Texas A&M University brings with it a very diverse population of students, staff and faculty.  The cost of living is far lower than elsewhere in the country, meaning even those on the lower tiers of the pay-scale, aka grad students, are able to have some money every month to splurge on dining out and entertainment, like movies, live music, etc.  This diversity in backgrounds is reflected in the emerging food culture. We're no longer a chicken finger and fast food town.

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