About This Blog

Ciba is the Latin word for food. It's pronounced Chee-bah.  -tarian is an homage to librarians and other bibliophiles. It combines two of my favorite things.

I'm an alt-academic and a lover of all things food. Currently based in College Station, TX, I'm on a budget but travel when I can.  This blog is dedicated to that.  Every so often my spouse, aka, The Lovely Spouse, aka Static Source, makes an appearance. Other areas of my geekiness may come to the surface at times.

I'm still working out the technical bits so sometimes there may be a few (a lot) errors.  If I notice them I'll fix them as soon as I see 'em.

I do not receive compensation in any form for this blog. If the unlikely happens and I receive some sort of promotional item I will explicitly state it, probably in the form of "holy cow! Do you all see what someone sent me?" Because that's how I roll.

All images are copyright of me, unless otherwise stated.

Seeing as I've been trolled comments are now moderated. Comment policy: no trolling or spam, and be nice to other commenters.

May 2015: I now have a new blog related to my professional work in international food security - Food Secure Planet. I will discuss many of the issues related to food security in the US and abroad, as well as the hard work done by many people around the globe to tackle these issues.

August 2015: Google/Blogger said something about notifying European users about cookies. I have no idea what this means. For their policy on cookies and your computer go to this link from blogger.


  1. Hello! I'm glad you found my blog, and that it gave you a little touch of community. Best wishes for your job hunt and keep your chin up.

    Cheers, CJ

  2. Join us ! http://thedishbcs.com/spread-the-love/

    1. Thanks for the invitation! I will check with The Lovely Spouse to see if we have prior plans.