Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Update on Cocoamoda

An update on the update (added 1/26/16): Cocoamoda is still open for business! Please visit them in person or online and purchase their wonderful chocolates!

An update on Chef Ken: according to their CaringBridge page, Chef Ken's been moved to a long-term care facility in Austin. If you're able, please consider a donation to their GoFundMe to help cover medical expenses. Or go to the Cocoamoda website and purchase some chocolates to help with business expenses. This is a difficult time for the Wilkinson family, but there's no reason you can't enjoy some delicious chocolate while also helping them out.

Original Post (from 1/19/16):

Regular readers of this blog will likely remember Cocoamoda in Calvert being featured on Restaurant: Impossible in the Spring of 2015. You can find the posts under this tag.

Chef Ken Wilkinson had a terrible fall from a ladder last week and is now in the hospital. His injuries are serious. His lovely wife, Jacqueline, has been by his side and periodically updating the restaurant's facebook page with updates on his condition. She has additionally started a CaringBridge blog for additional updates. 

If you feel so compelled, please spare a few prayers for Chef Ken, as well as for his lovely wife and family. There is also a fundraiser at CaringBridge and GoFundMe to raise money for what must already be substantial medical bills. 

If you are in the Calvert area, there is a Get Well Book at the truffle counter of Cocoamoda for people to sign. The restaurant will remain open during normal business hours for the time being, however the weekend dinners are cancelled. 

Myself and The Lovely Spouse wish Chef Ken a fast and full recovery. We also wish Jacqueline and the rest his family and close friends peace and comfort during this difficult time.

Disclaimer: none of this is an endorsement for anything and I don't make a penny off of saying their chocolates are awesome. Chef Ken and Jacqueline are nice people and The Lovely Spouse and I wish them well. 

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