Friday, February 25, 2011


Sonya Renee's slam poetry performance of "Slices". Could also be called an ode of sorts to processed cheese. Enjoy! [Warning: language is perhaps PG13....maybe R-rated?]

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Odds and Ends: Taz! and Houston's getting an Uchi

First off, Houston's getting its very own Uchi! It'll probably be awhile before it won't take weeks to get a table, but I'm looking forward to a much shorter drive. ^-^ In other news, Uchi now has a cookbook out. Given that it's sushi I'm not sure exactly how much of it I could make at know, not living near water and all. But I'm sure it's full of food porn. Source for both.

And College Station now has a GOOD Indian restaurant!!!!! In case you haven't heard (it seems like almost everyone has), it's called Taz and is located in the Kroger shopping center along Texas Ave at Southwest Parkway in the old Honey B location. We've been twice so far and the food has been good both times. The first time was an order off the menu dinner. I got the malai kafta. The Lovely Spouse got the lamb vindaloo. His was just a tad too spicy for me, but was just right for him. The sauce had a nice blend of cinnamon and spicy. The malai kafta was completely different than any version I've had elsewhere, but I'm starting to believe that every single kitchen makes it a different way. The second trip was for the Valentine's Day buffet. The place was absolutely packed and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. The buffet items were quite good and there was a nice selection of North and South Indian items. I've been told that they have a lunch buffet 7 days a week as well. So far the prices have been excellent, as has the service. Both times we ate there they were absolutely slammed but at no time did the staff seem harried or impatient. Service, of course, gets a bit slow when they're extremely busy, so plan accordingly. I absolutely recommend them and will be back. ^-^ Now I have to go back and try their samosas and dosai. Nom!