Saturday, May 5, 2012

Ohana Korean Grill

It's no secret that I love Korean food. The spicy stuff, the BBQ, the soups, the rice cakes, it's all good. So I was quite happy to see one night that we have not one, but three Korean restaurants in College Station. 

Ohana is located in what was formerly the Lack's shopping center, next to 4.0 & Go and near Quizno's Subs.  It's nearly impossible to see from the road and the parking lot is covered with serious potholes and speed bumps. 

The exterior doesn't look like much because the windows are covered with paper.  But once you walk inside you'll see a clean interior and a large flat-screened TV playing Korean pop music (quite entertaining, in my opinion).  Choose a seat anywhere and a server will bring you menus in English and Korean.  The menu items are what you would expect for a Korean restaurant and prices range from $8-13 for entrees.  Appetizers, salads, and drinks, alcoholic and not, are all available.

While our order was being prepared the server brought out little dishes with condiments and accompaniments.  And, on request, kimchi. All were quite delicious.  I especially liked the super-umami clear noodles that were served warm.
 A little messy because I tore into it right away and then remembered to photograph it.

I ordered the bibimbop.  It's a traditional meal made of rice covered with veggies, ground beef, and an egg on top. What made this over the top incredible was the hot sauce (whedupbop).  It was very, very flavorful without being too, omg, hot for my taste.   I ate the whole thing, although I really should have split the very large meal in two. I'll be back for this.

The Lovely Spouse ordered the Beef BBQ.  This is the same as the beef short ribs served at other Korean restaurants. The version here was super savory and loaded full of onions and garlic, and worked well with the hot sauce. His was served with rice.  He thoroughly enjoyed it, although I can't really eat more than a sample of it. The tiny bit I had was tasty and I can see why he enjoyed it so much.

To go with our meals we both got Korean drinks.  The Lovely Spouse got a rice wine flavored with ginseng and spices while I ordered Kite (pronounced as it's spelled), a light Korean rice and corn based beer. The beer was a refreshing as it advertises and the wine was lovely.  At 13% alcohol I'll split it if I ever order it. 

In all we both enjoyed our meal at Ohana quite a bit and will definitely be back.  Entire meal, with alcohol, was around $40 without tip.  Without the alcohol it would be just over $20 before tip.  Fountain drinks and water are also available.  Credit and debit cards are accepted. The restaurant is open until 9:30 or 10 each night.

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