Monday, May 28, 2012

Comicpalooza and Niko Niko's

This past weekend was Comicpalooza in Houston.  There was lots of geekery to be seen and had. We went with some lovely friends who didn't give me permission to blog about them.  So here are picts of other things we saw there.

Nice paint job.

Arc Attack!

I don't usually play games that use 20 sided dice, but if I did, I'd buy them from the (d)ice cream people.

So, of course, The Lovely Spouse and I went down with some friends to indulge in the fun. As far as food goes, we ate at the Lakehouse on Discovery Green for lunch.  The food was good but it was just salads and burgers.  Much cheaper than the convention center, but still...just your basic fair.

For dinner we headed over to Niko Niko on Montrose. They serve Greek food - something that is sorely missed in B/CS.  The lovely thing about the Montrose location is parking.  They also have indoor and outdoor seating. But it's the line out the door that tells the entire story. 

Walk in and find a menu.  It's extensive with American and Greek offerings, including Greek beers and wine.  Then head up to the bar and place your order.  You'll be given a pager for when your food is ready. 

Entrees came with salads that were meals in and of themselves.

We didn't know this so we ordered the cheese and hummus plate, which was also a meal in and of itself. A delicious meal. Most of the feta cheese I find in the States just isn't good.  This was the exception. It was mild, yet flavorful and I could easily enjoy a slab of it.

And then our entrees came.  Yea...I just tasted mine and took the rest home.  I got FOUR meals out of it. Four very delicious meals.

Mine was the pistichio and moussaka plate. The moussaka was as close to the stuff I had in Greece as anything I've ever had in the US.  The potatoes don't look like much but were simple, with good ingredients and flavor.

The Lovely Spouse got the stuffed peppers.  They were somewhat different from mine but nonetheless very delicious and still have that herby, minty flavor that my yemista have. So, yea, I'd order that again.  With the expectation that I'd take a lot of it The Lovely Spouse did.

And for completeness The Lovely Spouse ordered dessert.

This phylo dough was perfect. Absolutely perfect.  Stuffed with mild cheese and nuts.

And of course the rice pudding was yummy.  I have wonderful memories from undergrad of getting the rice pudding at the Marathon Deli in College Park.  This rice pudding reminded me of that.

But I couldn't finish all this food. We took the VAST majority of it home. And it was all just as good reheated.

Will we be back to Niko Niko's?  Gosh, I hope so.  There's no Greek food in B/CS and this was exceptional.  It might have been all casual fast food, but it was just as good as if not better than much of the fine dining I've had elsewhere. 

Entrees ranged up to about $20 for the most expensive sampler.  Sandwiches were around $10. There was a great dessert selection for about $4-5 each. And, as I said, there was enough food for four meals, all of it reheated well.

The decor was casual and as you can see the plates were all plastic.  The service was super fast and very friendly.  They were more than happy to provide us with to-go containers.  I'm going to guess they give out a lot of to-go containers with those huge portions.  And, given how delicious everything was, I'm going to guess that that line out the door is a nightly thing. Fantastic.


  1. Oh god I miss that place. We lived around the corner from it for years. One of the very best, most reliably good eateries in Houston. If you don't mind the wait, the food is amazing. They have parking now? weird.

    1. Edited to put this reply in the proper place. :-) For some reason my tablet does weird things with comments.

      I had never been there before so I can't tell you when they got parking, but it was on-site. The smaller location downtown on Milam does not have parking. We passed it on the way from the convention center.

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  3. God I miss Niko Nikos. Why does BCS not have Greek food? The only times I get back in Houston I've tried to go to Niko Nikos and almost always can't get any parking for blocks. Weekend lunch tends to be PACKED. Probably better for dinner. -Kim

    1. We used to have a pretty good Greek place, but it was family-owned and the family kept going on vacation and closing the place without notice. Eventually no one knew when they were open and when they were closed. Now it's a convenience store.

    2. I should add we're also lacking Thai restaurants, real Chinese food (the stuff served here is very Americanized), and any place that serves real dim sum. In addition we don't have much as far as a good fish place. The closest we come outside of fine dining is Fish Daddy's. The other places deep fry everything.

      When I'm in the DC area I get tapas and Ethiopian food because those are mostly missing from Texas, altogether. If I want a good paella I make it myself. Same with steamed crabs.