Friday, January 16, 2015

Torchy's Tacos Came to College Station

Whodathunk it?  An Austin taco chain set up shop in Aggieland.  And it's a very good thing for all of us.

Located in what was previously considered a cursed location (numerous restaurants have failed at this location), on Texas Avenue right next door to Layne's and Raising Canes, Torchy's Tacos offers a wide variety of taco creations served with local beer and all kinds of fried goodies.

The menu offers a number of different taco creations for about $3-5 a taco.  All can be ordered with or without certain ingredients. Don't want onions? Ask them to hold them. It's cool.  To wash down the tacos they've got local beers, from New Republic, Karboch, and Saint Arnold.

The Lovely Spouse insisted upon green chile queso. Eating around the evil herb (cilantro) on the top the queso had a good chile flavor.  I don't normally eat or even like queso but this was pretty good.
I ordered the fried avocado and the Democrat tacos. Fried avocado, unsurprisingly, contains avocado that's been fried. It was actually quite delicious. Not a lot of flavor, but I really like the flavor of avocados.  The Democrat is barbacoa with, unsurprisingly, avocado.  The barbacoa was tender and well seasoned enough to each on its own.  Both were served on corn tortillas.  The second tortilla is to catch whatever falls from the first.
The Lovely Spouse got the Tuk Tuk and beef fajita. The Tuk Tuk is Thai marinaded beef with a lot of stuff and the beef fajitas are as described. Both were more than filling enough for TLS and he thoroughly enjoyed them. 
There were other interesting things on the Torchy's menu, but, honestly, we were too full to consider them.  They had deep fried chocolate chip cookie dough, which sounds awesome.  Alas we'll be back.  Torchy's is also well-known for their breakfast tacos.

4-5 of the Torchy's in Austin could probably fit inside this location.

This outdoor bar area looks like it will wonderful once the weather gets nice. The night we went it was around 35 F outside.
Will they finally break the curse of this particular restaurant location?  I hope so. I like them a whole lot better than Fuegos, there are more options for people like me who can't eat certain ingredients, and it's an alternative to the traditional Tex-Mex found elsewhere in town.

Will this signal to other Austin restaurateurs that College Station is a viable satellite location for their businesses?  That would be awesome if it happened.

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