Monday, January 26, 2015

Coming Soon to Food Network!

No, not me, the Brazos Valley!  Restaurant Impossible is coming to Calvert this week to make over Cocoamoda. Long-time readers will remember I visited Cocoamoda here.  Typically, Restaurant Impossible and host Robert Irvine visit struggling restaurants to renovate and make over the business. I'm a bit surprised to see them at Cocoamoda because it is full of awesome. However I'll wait and see.
A screen cap from the local newspaper. Image from Cocoamoda's facebook feed.
A call went out this past week looking for volunteers from College Station and Waco. Calvert is a small town and the production needs several shifts' worth of volunteers to assist with things like painting walls and sweeping floors.  I would totally help out except for that whole Day Job (tm) thing. And I can only imagine what the NDA looks like for volunteers so I'll wait until the show airs  or the whole thing is covered in local news.

Image also from Cocoamoda's facebook feed.
For now I'll say good luck to Chef Ken!  I'm looking forward to the changes and hoping they're all for the best.  And I sincerely hope the chocolates stay.

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