Sunday, January 4, 2015

Revival Market in Houston

Revival Market in the Heights in Houston is part of an on-going trend among foodies to produce the best foods with locally sourced ingredients.  I first learned about them via the Houston Chronicle and foodie circles after spending a weekend in the Heights last year.

Hearing that they make their own house-cured charcuterie would normally be enough for me to visit and check the out. Finding out that they also have a coffee bar, desserts, sandwiches, and market items (including honey so local it came from the same neighborhood as the store) makes them a must-visit for me when I have extra time in Houston.

We had just eaten before this current visit, so everything we purchased was to go.  And it's all been fabulous. I purchased some cookies (gingersnaps and fluffer nutters) that didn't make it home because they were so delicious. The Lovely Spouse purchased some sausage that we've been enjoying for the last week.  It's delicate and savory with a perfect mix of spices and smoke.  I also purchased bitters that have been a wonderful addition to gin martinis and bourbon manhattans.

Revival Market is definitely worth the visit while in Houston.  I haven't tried their restaurant Coltivare, but look forward to doing so in the near future.

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