Monday, January 12, 2015

Home Cooking from Patranella's

It's taken me quite awhile to get to Patranella's just off of the main part of Downtown Bryan, but I finally made my way there for lunch during the holiday break.

I heard about Patranella's from a number of friends who also have raving sweet tooths (or would that be sweet teeth?) who highly recommend their pastries. Turns out they're a restaurant as well and The Lovely Spouse has been there for lunch several times.

The menu was filled with no-nonsense fare, including Italian-American specialities such as spaghetii and meatball and stuffed peppers, in addition to Texas and country standards such as meatloaf and chicken friend steak.

I got the stuffed pepper with fried broccoli and green beans. I've never had fried broccoli before but I like it.  The pepper was stuffed with ground beef, rice, and mixed veggies. It was good. I like my stuffed peppers better, but this was nice for those days I don't feel like cooking or cleaning up afterwards.

The Lovely Spouse got the lasagna because...lasagna. Served with fried broccoli and potato wedges. He's ordered it several times which means he likes it. 
Because Patranella's is known for their pastries, we simply had to buy pastries as well.

The Lovely Spouse wouldn't share his pinwheel. 

The canoli was the best I've had in Bryan or College Station. Yum! 
Lunch was very filling and delicious.  I recommend going to Patranella's with the plan on taking half home to save room for their delectable pastries.  We'll definitely be back.

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