Saturday, June 6, 2015

McKinney Falls Then and Now

As many of you know, Texas has been getting a lot of rain lately. Just about every day we have a flash flood warning along with a severe thunderstorm and/or tornado warning. The warnings are carried over our mobile phones and mine has gone off nearly every day. Most of the parks local to College Station that have lakes are temporarily closed due to flooding. However we got the idea to travel to McKinney Falls near Austin. We went there last August and we were curious as to how the falls looks different with more water.

McKinney Falls August 2014

The Upper Falls
The upper falls. Not much action.

The upper falls as seen from further down Onion Creek.
The Lower Falls

Visitors could easily cross Onion Creek to the trails and historic sites on the other side. 

McKinney Falls May 2015

The Upper Falls

The Lower Falls

Nope. Not crossing that today.

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