Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Hops and Grain

No trip to Austin is complete without a visit to a craft brewery.  On our most recent trip we stopped by Hops and Grain for 2 reasons: they were close to where we were visiting, on the south side of town, and they had a patio where we could bring our dogs.

The mural says "End MS Forever".
The tap room is open 7 days a week from 8 am until 10 pm. On Saturdays food trucks pull up to provide food to patrons and visitors. The patio area is dog friendly as long as the dogs are friendly and on leashes. Please check the website for tour days and times. 

Inside the tap room is busy and LOUD, at least it was on Saturday.  VERY LOUD!  

There's a selection of beers on tap, including experimental beers only available at the brewery.  Purchase a glass for $10 and get 4 drink tickets. This is equivalent to about two 16 oz beers, total. 

The Lovely Spouse and I tried a large variety of their beers and enjoyed them all. Of the experimental beers, the Oolong IPA made with Oolong tea was interesting. 

Austin in 2015 means rain. 
I recommend a trip to Hops and Grain when it's either not raining or not crowded inside. Unless you like things loud. They also had dog treats available made from the spent grains from the brewery. Coffee was available for purchase.

As usual, if you drink, designate a driver and get home safely.

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