Saturday, April 25, 2015

Food Fight!

The first ever Aggieland Food Fight was recently held at New Republic Brewery and it was awesome for everyone who participated.

The winners were...Lew's BBQ and Big Daddy Z's!  The others defaulted on the bragging rights by not bothering to show up.  However Lew's and Big Daddy Z's showed up ready for the fight and it was a very good thing for those of us who showed up ready for the eating. And for New Republic Brewery's beer, Perrine Winery's wine, and Rio Brazos' whiskey.

Lew's menu featuring the not-so-secret ingredient: ginger.

Big Daddy Z's menu.

Delicious smoked wings. Lew's should consider adding this to the regular menu.

Tuna ceviche from Big Daddy Z's. Actually quite delicious.

Truffle fries with a Big Kahuna bowl in the background.  These are both on Big Daddy Z's regular menu.
Everyone having a blast at the brewery.
In all, I hope this becomes a regular thing, but, you know, with the other food trucks actually showing up.  In spite of all of this happening on the same day as Chilifest, everyone had a great time.

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