Saturday, April 4, 2015

Cocoamoda Pictures

Now that Chocolate: Impossible has aired I can finally post my picts of the renovations at Cocoamoda. I was there the day after the shoot wrapped to check on Ken and Jackie and have been holding on to these because everyone else involved had to abide by an NDA. For the record, they announced today they'll be serving lunch Thursday through Sunday. You can find the before pictures with my first post on the chocolatier.

I couldn't just pick one....

The event space with about a gazillion LED candles.

I kind of love the fireplace. 

This particular designer has a thing for opaque mirrors. The event space has a bar now, which it needed.

The event space is one of the prettiest storefronts in Calvert.

Cocoamoda has a distinctive storefront.

At first covering the bookshelves seemed weird. Now it seems like something less to dust. And, again, an opaque mirror.

Chocolate is the main event.

Chef Ken and Julie behind the counter. 
I encourage all readers who visit Calvert to also visit the other shops in town.  Cowboy Up has unique apparel and things like the "Good Sh**" spice mixtures. There are also antique stores, art galleries, and artist spaces.  Not to mention other places to eat and drink. Make a day trip out of it and visit them all. 

Answers to frequently asked questions:

1. Yes, you can have their chocolates shipped to your door. Go to their website and order them. The chocolates are typically $3-4 each at the store. Expect to pay additional shipping costs.

2. They now have lunch available (soup and sandwich of the day) on a first-come, first-serve basis Thursday through Sunday at the chocolate boutique.

3. Their dinners are awesome. The menu changes weekly and is posted to facebook.  Call to make reservations. Bring your own beverage. Coffee, tea, sipping chocolate, and water are available. Don't be a no-show as they make exactly as much as is needed for the people who make reservations.

4.  ALL of the chocolates are delicious.  My personal favorites are the key lime and milk and honey.

5. Yes, they cater special events and weddings. Talk with Chef Ken regarding the details.

EDIT (06/19/2015): We had a lovely dinner at Cocoamoda and highly recommend them for fine dining.

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