Saturday, April 26, 2014

1541 Pastries and Coffee

This morning was one of those things every pet owner knows about: waking up to find out the dog has not had a good night. Therefore we cleaned up the dog and the mess and decided we'd rather eat...out...for breakfast. We decided to go a place The Lovely Spouse had not yet tried: 1541 Pastries and Coffee because we needed the treat.

1541 Pastries and Coffee is located on Brothers Blvd behind the Walmart in College Station.  It's kind of hard to find unless you're looking for it, making it a somewhat well-kept secret.  Look for an older, brown strip mall containing a couple hair salons and wellness centers.  The coffee shop is on the far corner most distant from Longmire Drive.

While the decor is very simple, the pastries and coffee are really the main events. Pastry Chef and co-owner Anel Olmedo is a Cordon Bleu graduate that also holds a position at the highly regarded Republic Steakhouse in College Station. Her training and skill are obvious in the simple-sounding, but extremely well-executed pastries such as apple turnovers and breakfast croissant sandwiches.

Service is friendly and guests are welcome to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, with indoor and outdoor seating, and free wifi.

Light and fluffy blueberry muffin.
Bacon, egg, and cheese croissant. Delicious.
How was the coffee? Also very delicious.  And the presentation was the best you will find in the Bryan and College Station area.  The following pictures were taken from several visits with several accompanying friends.

The prices are very reasonable and actually better than you find at most places that serve high quality coffee, lattes, and cappuccino. Flavors can also be added.

And the name? The owners were married in the city of Morelia, Mexico.  The city was founded in 1541 and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

As good as Grandma's cooking was, she never have pastry skills like those found at 1541.
We'll definitely be back.

1541 Pastries and Coffee also makes custom cakes and has become popular for special-occasion cakes for those "in the know".  A very abbreviated portfolio can be found on their website.

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