Saturday, April 19, 2014

Rio Brazos Distillery

I've already posted about College Station's brewery and brewpub, but did you know that College Station now has a commercial distillery? It's totally true.

Rio Brazos Distillery took over the location formerly occupied by New Republic Brewery (NRB moved to a larger space in the building next door).  To get there follow the directions for my previous post on New Republic Brewery.

During one of my visits I got to see how some of the magic happens. In this case he was sealing bottles.
Owner Nathan Barkman distills a very smooth Whistlestop white whiskey that has a character similar to fine vodka.  It has a very, very smooth finish and mixes well.  I've had it in a Moscow Mule (mixed with ginger beer - mmmmmm...Bundaberg), in a Manhattan, and in a whiskey tonic.  Each time the whiskey blends perfectly with the other ingredients without being too obtrusive.

Tours and explanations of the facility will be given upon request. Distilling is a bit different from brewing.

Right now the distillery is only producing the Whistlestop whiskey, but has plans to expand to produce a rum and a longer-aged whiskey that will have characteristics more commonly associated with whiskey: caramel color, barrel-aged flavors, etc.

My picture is a few months old.  The bar looks a lot nicer these days. 
The distillery is open most Fridays and Saturdays 5 - 9 pm and offers free tastings (must be 21 years or old) and cocktails are available for sale. Bottles of the whiskey are for sale, with limits on the quantities you can purchase. It is also available at Spec's in College Station.  If you visit, say hi to Nathan as he's a very nice person. Bonus points for making him smile.  The product is also delightful.

If you drink, designate a non-drinking driver or take a taxi.  Get home safely.

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