Saturday, February 22, 2014

National Museum of Civil War Medicine

This is my last post on our recent trip to Frederick, Maryland, and it's not food-related.  This one is on a cool place we visited that you all should visit if you're in the area and this is in your area of interest.

We visited the National Museum of Civil War Medicine.  It has a small storefront in the middle of downtown Frederick and is right next door to the public library and parking garage. The exhibits are arranged logically starting with how doctors at the time were educated and progressing through how doctors and nurses used their skills before, during, and after the Civil War, the new technology and procedures that developed during the Civil War, and how battle medicine is progressing into modern times. They also dispel many commonly held myths surrounding medicine at the time.  For example, 95% of battlefield amputations were performed with the use of anesthesia. It's a myth that soldiers just "bit the bullet".

If the Civil War and history of medicine are among your interests, I recommend stopping in for a visit.  They also have a small gift shop. Check the website for hours of operation and special events.

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