Saturday, February 15, 2014

Brewer's Alley

Continuing with our trip to Frederick, Maryland, The Lovely Spouse and I joined some family members for a lunch at Brewer's Alley.  Brewer's Alley is a brewpub, meaning they brew their own beers on-site, in addition to serving food.  According to Maryland law they can also sell bottles, usually around 1-2 liters) or bombers (bottles, usually around 20-24 ounces).
beer to take away if it is in growlers (

Brewer's Alley was highly recommended by family living in the area, specifically for their food.  My family typically drinks only lite beer so this was also an opportunity for me to introduce them to some mild-tasting beers that have flavor.

Enter through a nice bar area.  There are 2 dining rooms off of this room.
The back dining room had nice stained glass. 
I ordered my family members a selection of beers without strong flavor that should appeal to drinkers of "lite beer".  They were intimidated by the size of the glasses, but each was a 6 ounce taster, therefore the entire flight was the equivalent of just over 2 regular sized beers.
I got myself a Scottish ale that was very much a Scottish ale.  Quite nice and well balanced.
Our meal started with a meat and cheese sampler. The seeded mustard was quite nice with the baked ham. 
A single crab cake platter for me.  This is what most people now associate with a true Maryland-style crab cake.  Mostly backfin crabmeat with just enough filler to keep it together. Served with steamed veggies.  The difference between the platter and the sandwich was $1 so I went with the platter. I chose correctly.  It was delicious and I would go back again just for the crab cake.
The Lovely Spouse got the reuben. Those shoestring fries were delicious.  Evidently our family regularly visits Brewer's Alley just for the fries.  Hopefully they'll now also go for the good selection of on-site brewed craft beer.
Our group very much enjoyed our trip to Brewer's Alley.  Reviews on Trip Advisor and elsewhere are mixed and I wonder what people order or expect when they go there.  Prices were in line with what we saw at nearby restaurants and we really enjoyed our food.  The service was friendly and good. 

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