Monday, August 27, 2012

Azure Fusion Bistro and Sake

Azure Fusion Bistro and Sake is located at the intersection of Rock Prairie and Highway 6 North in South College Station.  You can find it next door to Luigi's and Honey Baked Ham.

This picture makes it look like it's just a bar. But it's also a restaurant, I swear.
The first thing anyone notices about Azure is the decor.  While it's dark inside, with heavy curtains to keep out the afternoon and evening sun, it's uniquely lit and decorated.  And, true to its name, it's blue.  The menu is far more extensive than any other sushi place in town and includes many, many prepared dishes that are not sushi and not even fish.  They also have an extensive sake menu that includes items not found anywhere else in B/CS.  The review and pictures here are from two separate visits.

The Singapore noodles were actually quite good.  My only complaint is that there were too many onions, which weren't mentioned at all in the menu description.  I ate around them, and the remaining noodles and veggies were good.  It just took a long time to eat because I was picking out the onions.
Soup and salad as part of a meal. Typical of what you find at other sushi places all over the US.
Mixed sushi: nigiri and a California roll.  I was somewhat surprised that the fish wasn't higher quality.  This was what I would call supermarket quality.  The nigiri was all prepared with a sauce, which leads me to believe it wasn't all that fresh.
A friend got the pink panther roll.  He was unable to finish it due to the fishy flavor. I found it also tasted of being supermarket quality. It was not improved by the addition of copious amounts of wasabi.
Given the disappointment with the other entrees the duck was a surprise.  Moist and delicate and served with mushrooms and mashed potatoes. All was perfectly umami and well-presented.
We celebrated a birthday on one of our trips.  This ended up coming with fried green ice cream. I loved the ice cream, but not the exterior breading. Luckily The Lovely Spouse thoroughly enjoyed it.
Non-birthday meals end with sectioned oranges.  Very cute and tasty.
So what are my feelings on Azure?  It seems that the sushi is not the strongest thing on the menu.  From our experiences it seems that it's best to stick with the cooked/prepared foods. So we'll do that on all future trips. The service was good. 

Would I recommend Azure?  Sure.  Stear away from the sushi towards the cooked entrees.

Will we be back? Most likely.  The location is convenient and the duck really was delicious, even if priced for fine dining.  There are other cooked items I haven't tried yet as well.

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