Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mongoose vs Cobra?

Believe it or not that's the name of a new bar in Houston that features craft beers.  First thing I thought of was The Bloggess discussing taxidermy. Specifically this post.  Sure enough, the bar is named after taxidermy found within the bar, as was discussed in today's Houston Chronicle here.  No word on whether or not the owners are fans of The Bloggess.  Surely they must be.

Also, Houston Restaurant Weeks have been extended until September 3 in order to include the entirety of Labor Day weekend. Not all restaurants will be participating in the extension so check the list to see if the one in which you're interested is.  According to their website, some restaurants in Montgomery and Galveston Counties will also be participating.


  1. I think Jenny would approve of the decor. They should add a "wine-slushee" to the house specials and name it after her. :)