Friday, July 20, 2012

Obviously someone's never been to Bryan or College Station

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We've somehow gotten the dubious "honor" of being labeled the #10 college town with the worst food

Really?  Really?  Have you all actually visited here?  Evidence suggests the answer is no.

If you have you'd know that we have the #1 food truck in America.   

There's fine dining in the form of Christopher's, Veritas, The Republic and Madden's.  There's a growing market of chef-owned restaurants in the mid-range, including The Lemon Wedge, Cafe Capri, and Cenare/Terrazzo. 

And a growing list of wine bars including Messina Hof's tasting room, Downtown Uncorked, The Knox Wine Station, and Perrine Winery. 

Not to mention the fabulous options of world dining including Taz Indian Cuisine, Ohana Korean, Mong Chan Korean, Chef Cao's, T. Jin's, Crazy Cajun's, Brauhaus, Murphy's Law, Herbert's, Lanna's Thai, Rosie's Pho, Pho John's, Atami Sushi, Azure Fusion, and Naked Fish Sushi.

The BBQ here is about as good as anywhere else outside of Lockhart or Austin, including J. Cody's, Sodalak's, Rudy's and C&Js. 

And, of course, our Tex-Mex and Mexican are as good as can be found anywhere outside of fine dining in or outside of Mexico.  Don't believe me? Try Los Molcajetes, Polly's Cocina, and La Familia.

And we have some fabulous steakhouses including The Republic on the fine dining end and Sodalak's on the casual, no-fuss end.

Notice I didn't list a single chain restaurant?  However if you want those we've got them to please anyone with comfort food in mind: Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Applebees, Texas Road House, Pei Wei, Jamba Juice, Starbucks, Freebirds (although we had them before they were a chain), Chipotle, all the fast food joints, Abuelo's, Boston's, and TGI Friday's.

The vast majority of restaurants listed here have been here for years and are running stable, well-loved businesses. This notion that B/CS only supports stripmalls is ridiculous.

So, logically, if this is the #10 worst college town for food, #11 must be A-MA-ZING because Bryan and College Station are awesome and getting better every day.

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