Monday, July 16, 2012

B/CS Food Truck News

1. Cake Junkie just posted that they will be a B/CS Junior League Stuff the Bus drop-off location.  Drop off school supplies and get a free cupcake.  Donations accepted until August 20.  They haven't said if this is restricted to the location on 29th street or if the food truck will also participate. 

2. Pete Madden will be getting out of the food truck business. Sad for us, but there is a silver lining.  From Chef Tai's facebook feed: "Bad News First, my Food Truck Soul Mate, Peter Madden, has decided to end his Food Truck Adventure in BCS market. It is indeed a great loss for the community and I will certainly miss his support for BV Chow League and Food Truck Movement. I am glad Peter & I got to be a very good friend over the past 2 years through Food Truck Business and will continue our friendship & ...friendly rivalry to make Gourmet Food Scene in BCS area for the BETTER! Thank you Peter and wish you my best.
"Good News now. Peter has decided to sell his Food Truck to us and that means we can now serve more people in BCS area. We will inherent some of Peter's existing locations. Truck will not be ready to hit the road until August, but when it does, you will be pleasantly surprised with some of our Menu Tweaks to meet more of our guests' needs. Please feel free to make comments and suggestions on what you would like to see on our next Food Truck. I have a pretty good idea on what it needs to be but I am willing to listen to your suggestions to make necessary adjustments.
"Thank you again for your continuing support and love. You sure make our work day goes a lot better and you certainly support my son's diaper bills. :)" 

Madden's Casual Gourmet will still be there for when we want some of Pete Madden's fantastic food creations.  Save room for the toasted marshmellow ice cream for dessert. So yummy!

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