Sunday, June 10, 2012

Fermentation, continued...

Here's an update on the yeastie beasties. Primary and secondary fermentation are finished (the vapor lock stopped bubbling) so we put the beer into bottles.

The first problem we encountered was not having enough bottles.  We tend to share our beers with friends and kind of forgot to accumulate more.  So we raided the recycling bin and finished off the beers in the fridge. I tell you, the sacrifices we make for our art. 

Sam Adams Summer Ale is actually quite nice. :-)
To get the labels off we soaked in hot water, scraped with a razor blade, then wiped them clean with scrubby sponge. Next The Lovely Spouse cleaned the insides of all the bottles with a high pressure bottle washer attachment and I disinfected them all with diluted bleach.

We're doing it our way, yes, our way....

After this we added diluted corn sugar (high in fructose - it's what yeast craves) to each bottle and transfered the beer directly to the bottles using a disinfected tubing/bottle filling gadget.

How many households do you suppose have His and Hers beers?

Then we capped them all and put them in a cool, dark place to finish.
They should be ready to drink next week (we bottled them a week ago).
I think The Lovely Spouse is hinting at something. LOL!

All this bottling took quite a lot of time and we kind of forgot to think about dinner.  So we made one of our favorite quick meals. 

Slice a fresh, ripe medium-sized tomato, add chiffonade of fresh basil (it grows like a weed in our yard), add salt, pepper, a bit of smoke paprika, and serve. We ate this with a few slices of farm-house cheese.
Last weekend I also harvested 12 lbs of grapes from the backyard. That's more than we can even give away. So we supplemented this with a few lbs of table grapes from the store and got 1.25 gallons of filtered juice from them. The dark grapes bled red so the juice was a blush.  Next we added yeast and let them do their jobs, sans skins or pulp . This weekend we're planning on transfering all that to secondary fermentation. We've never made wine from table or backyard grapes so this should be interesting.

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