Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Controversy over a fictional cookie

So there's been some controversy over this image.

Image source.

Evidently Kraft foods posted it to the Oreo facebook page on Monday.  In other news, oreos have a facebook page. 

Some groups are predictably calling for a boycott of oreos and Kraft foods.  The Washington Post calls this "a harbinger of more gay advertising".  Harbinger, y'all.  Harbinger.  Honestly I don't know where they've been the last few years because rainbow flags in advertising are nothing new.  Targeting advertising to individuals who are gay is also nothing new.

All I know is that this makes me want a cookie. With 6 times the creme filling.

Well played, Oreo.  Well played.


  1. Awesome pic of an oreo, but I have to admit I scrape off oreo filling and just eat the cookie dunked in milk. That's silly people would boycott Kraft foods, but maybe that will make there prices go down so I don't have to always buy the generic brand. LOL

    1. I like the disclaimer at the bottom: "made with creme colors that do not exist". LOL!

      I'm only slightly open about the fact I'm trying to lose some weight these days. But I succombed to the slacktivist "counter protest" this weekend and bought my first bag of Oreos in years. I got the red, white and blue ones for 4th of July. The filling was red and blue and the cookies were the vanilla or "golden" ones. The filling wasn't typical in that it just peeled right off and tasted only slightly different than I remember. And it looked more like play doh than the usual cookie filling. They were less than $3 for slightly less than a pound at HEB, probably as a special given how much publicity Oreos got off the ad campaign above.

      I'm not sure how much of an organized boycott actually happened. Lots of people said they'd never buy another Kraft product. Lots more said they'd boycott General Mills after the CEO donated money to assist in marriage equality measures in Minnesota. One Million Moms/American family said they were "highly offended" by the ad, but even then I haven't seen they've actually organized a boycott.