Thursday, June 14, 2012

And the verdict is....

The IPA turned out quite nice.  It's been referred to as "the smoothest IPA I've ever had" and "well-balenced".  It's darker in color than most IPAs and I'll say it's a bit more malty than most as well.  But the hops balance it out nicely.  We'll be testing The Lovely Spouse's red ale this weekend.

The table grape wine was racked into secondary fermentation.  That means we transfered the liquid portion of the wine to a glass jug (or carboy) and placed a new vapor lock on it.  Any time you ferment you'll get a collection of sludge at the bottom of the fermenter.  In order to optimize things it helps to move the liquid portion off the sludge in order to prevent buildup of things that might decay from the sludge.  Those things usually don't taste good. Then it was moved to a cool-ish, dark place to continue fermenting.  It smelled alright so here's hoping.

In other news the supports on one of our cabernet vines collapsed.  This was one of our larger vines and was loaded with grapes.  We're hoping The Lovely Spouse got to it and tied it up in time and that damage to the trunk was minimal.  The dove that keeps building a next on that vine is not happy TLS put bird netting on all our vines.

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