Monday, September 28, 2009

Fast Food Menu Secret Items

Due to a variety of health issues I tend to avoid fast food as much as possible. However sometimes, particularly while traveling, it becomes necessary to find something somewhat edible super fast. CNN, today, posted an article titled "10 secret menu items at fast food restaurants." The most surprising item on the list was the number of "secret" items on the Jamba Juice entry. I honestly had no idea.

One thing not on the list: a friend of mine used to work at Whataburger and said that people would regularly come in an order a Big Mac. In this town there are several Whataburgers across the street from McDs. Well, my friend would often say "we can do it!" And would proceed to build a HUGE version (because the burgers are much larger) of the Big Mac with items at the grill. Now bear in mind not every location will think to do this, but it never hurts to ask.

Another thing I have noticed while dining out, just about everywhere: if there is something no longer on the menu, or that is only on the lunch menu when you're there for dinner, just ask about it. Very often you will be able to get it, as long as the ingredients are available. I've seen this happen at fast food restaurants, as well as fine dining establishments. It's a pleasant reminder that restaurants are in the hospitality industry.

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