Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Sherwood Forest Fair

Renaissance Festivals seem to be becoming nearly a year-round thing in Texas. Texas Ren Fest runs from September or October through November and Scarborough Faire runs from April through May.  Now, and for the last few years, Sherwood Forest Fair runs from February through much of March of each year and has regular meet-ups throughout the year.

This fair has wifi.
Sherwood Forest is located between College Station and Austin along highway 290 close to the intersection with highway 21.  The closest town is McDade.

On a cold day a coffee shop is exactly what I wanted.

I got the spicy ginger chai and it was exactly what I wanted. Delicious. Spicy. Gingery.  Awesome.  And warm.

Lovely seating for those wishing to relax with their drinks or hookahs.

I don't smoke anything of any sort but hookahs are very pretty.

There's a stage next to the coffee shop. It's a great place to relax in and take in the sites.

Of the 3 festivals mentioned here, Sherwood is the newest and currently the smallest.  The day we went this year it was also the coldest and rainiest.  This year's Spring has been cold, wet and rainy. And very, very muddy.

Interesting chainmaille lamp.


This shop has good Mediterranean food...for when it's not quite so cold out.

Juggling fire!

Salads and healthier fare are available.

A blacksmith shows some of their lovely works.
There are a number of food and drink options at the festival, as well as entertainment (shows), and shopping.

The Washerwomen are always fun.

Watch out for audience participation.

There's a daily parade.

Flaming acrobatics.

Grilled things.  On a stick!

Fried things. Including the very interesting fried olives. A nice combination of briny and fried.

You can get a carriage ride around the festival.
Really cool birdhouses.

All kinds of shopping.
Italian food. I particularly like the arancini, because I like risotto and deep fried makes everything better.

And, of course, jousting.
The festival runs now through March 22, 2015 and will be open on Friday, March 20.  Parking is free.

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