Sunday, November 2, 2014

More pictures from Texas Renaissance Festival

To quote The Bloggess, this isn't really a post.  It's more photos from Texas Renaissance Festival. Enjoy!

A packed-house in the Polish Pub for a poetry reading.
This was the poetry of Arthur Greenleaf Holmes and, yes, it was wildly inappropriate. 
Perogis at the Polish Pub.
You can usually find a few people drumming at this shop along the back row. Shop numbers are in the 60s.
Tartanic shows are always entertaining.

This is me being Bobmatized during the Ded Bob Show.
Bob creating one of his zombies.
Tartanic!  I did say they're always entertaining. 

Every week these artists create a new sand drawing. 

The Texas Renaissance Festival runs now through Thanksgiving weekend (all 3 days of the weekend).

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