Sunday, March 4, 2012

Taz revisted, with pictures

The last time I wrote about Taz I had only been there twice, total.  Since then I've been back quite a few times and have sampled far more of the menu.  I've also experienced their catering service, which is highly professional.

Our most recent visit was about a week ago but I didn't write about it until now due to updating stuff on the computer.  I'm still having trouble, so if anyone knows how to work chrome around McAfee on Windows 7 let me know.  LOL!

The menu at Taz is split into dishes with and without meat.  And basically follows the South vs North Indian styles of food you find at most Indian restaurants.  I tend to order meatless dishes because I used to be mostly vegetarian.  The Lovely Spouse usually orders dishes with meat.  So I've had a good variety from Taz a result.

All meals start out with an amuse of papadums served with tamarind and mint chutneys.  Mildly spicy, crispy bread with a choice of cilantro-heavy mint chutney or sweet and spicy tamarind chutney.

The Lovely Spouse usually orders a mango lassi with his meal.  This is a yogurt shake sweetened with mango pulp.  I generally don't like the pineyness of mangos but I love the lassis.  They also cool the mouth down if you order an overly spicy dish.

I ordered Upma Pesarattu, a moong bean crepe wrapped around a curry made from cream of wheat, cashews and spices.  Similar to a dosa, but with a different texture and nuttier flavor. I would definitely order this again.

All dosas are served with a wonderful coconut and spicy tomato chutneys as well as sambar, a lentil and vegetable soup. Some days after a workout I'll pick up a plain dosa for an inexpensive ($5) dinner. 

The Lovely Spouse ordered the Lamb Vindaloo.  Frequent diners of Indian restaurants will immediately recognize vindaloo as the hottest, spiciest item on the menu.  I'm not sure that's the case at Taz but I will say it's a shade too spicy for me to eat the entire dish. 

The Spouse loves it though and it's interesting to note that each vindaloo, whether it's lamb, shrimp or another, has a distinct flavor, even if the spice mixture is approximately the same for each.  They're all spicy and flavorful and served with rice and fresh naan, often still warm from the oven.

The decor is casual and continues to change as the restaurant continues to establish itself in College Station.  The owner/manager is there every day and an excellent host.  I've seen her there every single time I've been there and she's always, without fail the best host she can be. If there's a problem she'll fix it immediately and check up on her customers to make sure the dining experience is the best it can be.

In all I'll continue to be a regular at Taz.  The food is excellent and the service is great.  For those unfamiliar with Indian food there is a First Time Special and there is a buffet every day, even weekends, for lunch.  Save room for dessert because the mango fruit custard salad, rice pudding (Kheer) and Gulab Jamun (round sweet balls of wheat in sweet syrup) are delicious.  And so is the chai tea.

Reservations accepted and recommended for large groups.

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