Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mardi Gras!

I realize I'm posting this on Fat Tuesday, but these pictures are actually from Saturday.  I think I'm just getting too old to party all the time.  :-)  Enjoy!

As you can see there were lots of extra places to eat and drink brought in just for the occasion. And, of course, Galveston is a cruise ship terminal. They even had a special balcony party for cruise patrons.

Z Krewe balcony party getting people on the street to negotiate for beads. FYI, during the day there were no bare breasts (I didn't see any at night this time around either, but there were creepers waiting around to take pictures of them - ick).  However some people negotiated to exchange beads.

There was some incredible street food there.  It smelled awesome here.

RIBBON FRIES!!!! I love ribbon fries. Think of one long, continuous, fresh-made potato chip.
Yea, it's like that.  Nom!

If you don't see the beads you want being thrown from the balconies you can always purchase them from the street vendors and shops along The Strand.

I just liked this picture.  :-)

Jaggermeister had a whole bunch of promotional stuff out there.  Including this stage and a pretty darned good DJ.  No, they didn't give out any samples.

And, of course, there were parades.  Complete with floats and marching bands.  And The Mummers came all the way from Philadelphia:


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