Saturday, July 30, 2011

New Republic Brewery

There's a new brewery in College Station. That's right! And this time it's not a brewpub and it actually has a chance of success!

New Republic Brewery started last year after one of the owner's hobby of homebrew spread enough to catch the attention of the TABC. So instead of throwing in the towel, he jumped head-first into the world of independent microbrew. After a heckuvalotta work the result is the birth of a new brewery located by Disaster City in a hard-to-find industrial park. Make the trip out to their brewery/store and you'll find a very small operation helmed by very enthusiastic do-it-yourself science geeks. The resulting beer, Bellows, is very, very good. It's a good balance of hobby and malty so that hop-heads such as myself and malt lovers such as The Lovely Spouse can both enjoy it.

Currently you can only find Bellows at local pubs, including O'Bannons, Village Cafe, and Good Time Charlies. The beer is good so I predict they will expand. To date they only produce one beer, Bellows, but there are plans to develop a fig lambic. And, given the enthusiasm and realism exhibited by the owners I predict good things in their future.

Here's a tip if you go to the brewery, buy a pint glass and enjoy a beer. Otherwise the only thing they're allowed to sell you is a tee shirt. TABC laws are no joke so breweries are not allowed to sell alcohol directly from the brewery. But they can sell swag. :-)

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